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Laserfocus Principles

Building for Humans

We believe that Sales is fundamentally about people interacting with each other and software is there to help you becoming the best at that. It should be almost invisible so you can concentrate on the person, not the process.

To create software for humans we have these principles for building Laserfocus.

The 3 things that Salesforce needs to improve for Salespeople

Does Salesforce annoy you because it is slow, clunky and you have to click million times before finally being able to do something? Read on my friend.

How to give your team a better Salesforce experience without leaving Salesforce

An easy summary of how you can give your team a better SFDC experience.

Mind, have you been to the Eisenhower Matrix?

The Eisenhower Matrix is a framework that could help you get inner peace, my young Padawan. Empty your mind and read on.

Streamline your sales process now

Don’t let complex processes and tools slow you down.

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