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Team Leads

Coordinate your team hands-on

Laserfocus simplifies your whole sales process, so your team doesn’t need to bother with multiple tools and workflows. So they can entirely focus on closing deals.

No Credit Card needed.

Your team spends time on things that matter

Laserfocus automatically segments the most important prospects and deals for your team. Help them spend their time so everyone can hit their goals.

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“My team increased productivity by 25% - more calls, more deals.”

VP Sales from Vai Trade

Provide a healthy pipeline to everyone

Never lose deals stall due to inactivity or parked leads. Redistribute leads, tasks and opportunities in an instant to keep the momentum.

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“I am in love. My pipe is up to date for the first time.”

Account Executive from Personio
Switch between account details views

Better 1-on-1s for everyone

Be a partner for your team by understanding each deal as they do. Get an overview of what blocks them in an instant and provide your guidance.

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Start directly on your own

Try Laserfocus for free. It’s ready in seconds and no admin is needed. We ensure the highest security and don’t store your Salesforce data.

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Your Salesforce data stays with you

Our precache technology only loads your Salesforce data onto your local machine. Therefore we don't need to store your Salesforce data which enables the highest security for any Enterprise.

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Enterprise ready security
  • Salesforce OauthSSO
  • GDPRCompliant
  • CCPACompliant

Hand-over the micro management to Laserfocus

Laserfocus will remind your team to keep their data updated, nudge them to work on important deals, and set reminders so nothing gets forgotten. You can see how all is working together automatically.

Daily overview in Laserfocus app

Daily overview

The dailies shows your team what is urgent and where they have to follow up. No need to remind them via Slack.

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What’s missing

Stacks in Laserfocus shows your team where close dates are overdue, which field information is missing, so you don’t have to.

Acitivty stream

Understand the deals

All activities are shown readable chronologically in Laserfocus. You will understand each deal as well as your sales agent at one glance.

Frequently asked questions

Laserfocus gives you insights into why your deals are stalling or your forcecasts are off, and no longer leaves you with surprises.

Start Laserfocus now

Simply explore Laserfocus for yourself or get in contact with us to see how you can remove all friction from your sales process.

No Credit Card needed.
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