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Full Cycle Sales

Manage all deals in one system

Laserfocus is the easiest way for you to call, email, schedule and update all your deals in one system. It’s the fastest way to organize your daily sales life.

No Credit Card needed.
Call contacts from Laserfocus

All your tools in one

No need to open each lead or opportunity one by one, copy+paste informations into your phone provider, calendar or email.

See every deal you are working on in your own view and call, email or update them directly.

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Get an overview immediately

See everything that is important to you without having to search for the information.

Load up information in an instant, so you are ready to call or email without back and forth.

Command line shortcuts

Shortcuts to boost productivity

Stop wasting time to set reminders in your calendar, then jump into Salesforce to set next steps.

Just update fields, set a follow-up and go to your next deal in one flow with easy shortcuts.

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Start directly on your own

Try Laserfocus for free. It’s ready in seconds and no admin is needed. We ensure the highest security and don’t store your Salesforce data.

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Your Salesforce data stays with you

Our precache technology only loads your Salesforce data onto your local machine. Therefore we don't need to store your Salesforce data which enables the highest security for any Enterprise.

See our security measures here
Enterprise ready security
  • Salesforce OauthSSO
  • GDPRCompliant
  • CCPACompliant

Remove the friction in your sales day

You can see everything you want to work on in an instant. Laserfocus is your one system to organize your day AND contact all your prospects.

Daily overview in Laserfocus app

Daily overview

See all your tasks, reminders and events. Reschedule them with one-click to save you time.

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Update Salesforce faster

Every change or update in Laserfocus happens instantly to reduce your time on updating Salesforce by 80%.

Acitivty stream

Be always prepared

All activities are shown readable in chronologically in Laserfocus. See your notes, other notes and all information.

Frequently asked questions

Laserfocus helps you become more productive by offering you all the tools you need to close deals with confidence.

Start saving your life time now

Laserfocus is build to save you time in your day-to-day. Start now and get more out of your day.

No Credit Card needed.
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