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Sales Operations

Create easy to follow processes

Make the life of your team easier with simple processes that will help the team to follow the funnel and keep data accurate.

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Collaborate with your team in real time

Create reports for your teams they can work directly in. Forget about downloading them and sharing them via sheets.

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Set rules for better data hygiene

Updating records is so smooth, that it seamlessly integrates into the workflow of your team. No need for nagging them to update for forecasts anymore.

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Works across objects

Laserfocus allows you to combine fields with different objects in the views or customer pages. No need to merge different objects via custom code.

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Start directly on your own

Try Laserfocus for free. It’s ready in seconds and no admin is needed. We ensure the highest security and don’t store your Salesforce data.

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Your Salesforce data stays with you

Our precache technology only loads your Salesforce data onto your local machine. Therefore we don't need to store your Salesforce data which enables the highest security for any Enterprise.

See our security measures here
Enterprise ready security
  • Salesforce OauthSSO
  • GDPRCompliant
  • CCPACompliant

Set up flexibly and iterate

Laserfocus lets you set custom views and for your team, but gives them the flexibility to configure it to their own needs.

Bulk-editing for tasks

No more outdated tasks

Bulk edit tasks so you can get a a better overview of what everyone is really working on.


Easy to understand

Create work stacks for your team that they can easily follow.

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Clean CRM data for reports

Updating data is painless in Laserfocus and won’t take hours anymore. Have a clean system to run insightful reports for your org.

Frequently asked questions

Laserfocus helps you become more productive by offering you all the tools you need to close deals with confidence.

Simplify complex processes now

Laserfocus is the modern interface your team will love to use. See how their productivity increases with the tool for perfomers.

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