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Laserfocus helps your deals flow

Laserfocus helps Salesteams streamline their Salesforce processes to increase efficiency by up to 25%.

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Make your sales process easy to follow

Salespeople want to close deals - not figuring out Salesforce complexity.

Laserfocus helps you create a bulletproof process anyone can follow. So you can reduce your onboarding and ramp-up time by 80%.

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“My team increased productivity by 25% - more calls, more deals.”

VP Sales from Vai Trade
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Keeps your deals moving

You lose deals when you hoard them way beyond your optimal sales cycle.

Uncover and redistribute stalled deals faster to keep your sales pipeline with healthy data you can trust.

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“I am in love. My pipe is up to date for the first time.”

Account Executive from Personio
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Do campaigns in Salesforce, not Excel

Forget shared spreadsheets for your campaigns.

Create easy-to-follow campaigns synced with Salesforce so you can track and measure results in real time.

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“I started using it and now all the other departments are on Laserfocus, too.”

Operations at Choco

Keep your team focused

Everything for sales day-to-day in one single view for maximum focus. No clicks between multiple objects. Call, log and set next steps in one go. Update fields and stages while everything is in sync with Salesforce.

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The daily organizer

In your Daily, appointments, tasks, and reminders are brought together in a single overview. Easy to follow, impossible to forget.

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Everything in seconds

Find people fast. Create activities and reminders even faster with shortcuts for power users.

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Easy to use log

Capture your ideas and notes without delay and find your activities and email conversations in one timeline.

Access your data securely without storing it with us

Just use the secure connection to your Salesforce account with all your permissions and save time by eliminating laborious setup with your admin.

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Enterprise ready security
  • Salesforce OauthSSO
  • GDPRCompliant
  • CCPACompliant

Streamline your sales process now

Don’t let complex processes and tools slow you down.

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