How it works

Blazingly fast everything ⚑️

Explore your new superpower: load and update Salesforce data in under 100ms without loading spinners.
This alone will save you frustrating hours!

Inline editing Laserfocus

Never miss anything 🎳

There is no need to have multiple Salesforce tabs open anymore.
Now everything is just one click away so that you can be on top of your pipeline.
Your boss will thank you later.

Overview Laserfocus

Everything at a glance πŸ‘€

Stop clicking and searching between multiple objects to find the field you need.
Why not just have all the fields for your workflow in one clean overview. Duh.

Shortcuts that
make you happy

Your workflow just got upgraded.
Press ⌘+ K and learn easy shortcuts that make you smile.
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Ready for you in seconds

Laserfocus works on top of Salesforce - no installation required.
Just enjoy your new sales life in 3, 2, 1...