Update your pipeline in seconds ⚑️

A chaotic pipeline doesn't help you, nor does it help your manager.
But keeping everything up to date in Salesforce is laborious because of - well, Salesforce.
Laserfocus lets you update all your deals now in one flow, simple as a spreadsheet. And every change is saved instantly.

Inline editing Laserfocus

Follow-ups made easy 🎳

Don't occupy your brain with memorizing where you kept what information - keep everything in one place.
Set reminders and tasks in Laserfocus with shortcuts and have everything synced to Salesforce so you can use your brain for the important stuff.

Overview Laserfocus

A modern interface that saves you time πŸ‘€

Too many open tabs are an absolute productivity killer for modern Salespeople.

With Laserfocus, you can manage all your deals, customers, and tasks in one single interface.
The result: less distraction and more time to focus on customers.

all information on one page

Shortcuts that
make you happy

Your workflow just got upgraded.
Press ⌘+ K and learn easy shortcuts that make you smile.
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Secure and fast setup in seconds.
No admin needed.

Laserfocus works on top of Salesforce - no installation required.
Just enjoy your new sales life in 3, 2, 1...
Get started in 30 seconds. No credit card needed.


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