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Make Salesforce easy to use

Laserfocus makes your Salesforce process as simple as possible, but not simpler. Made for data-driven GTM teams who don't want to sacrifice efficiency.

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Beautiful, fast, simple to use

Organize your tasks, emails, events, notes, and Salesforce updates within one interface. Reduce jumping between different tabs and tools to increase your efficiency and focus.

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Simple guidelines for each stage

Laserfocus will guide you on what to focus on at each stage.

You will never forget any step; nothing slips through the cracks again.

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“My team increased productivity by 25% - more calls, more deals.”

VP Sales from Vai Trade
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Make your Salesforce clean and usable again

Eliminate duplicate fields and ambiguous data for consistency.

Your team will enjoy a streamlined interface while Salesforce runs the workflows behind the scene.

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“I am in love. My pipe is up to date for the first time.”

Account Executive from Personio
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Stay agile for your GTM

Your business requirements and processes might change often.

Laserfocus ensures that everyone adapts to your new process by guiding everyone through the latest changes.

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“I started using it and now all the other departments are on Laserfocus, too.”

Operations at Choco

Your Salesforce data stays with you

Our precache technology only loads your Salesforce data onto your local machine. Therefore we don't need to store your Salesforce data which enables the highest security for any Enterprise.

See our security measures here
Enterprise ready security
  • Salesforce OauthSSO
  • GDPRCompliant
  • CCPACompliant

Streamline your GTM now

Enjoy a sales process as simple as possible. You can try it for yourself and enjoy increased efficiency without compromising data quality.

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