Flexible, intuitive features for any sales pipeline

Your company chose Salesforce as the system of record. But that doesn’t mean that you have to forgo modern features. Improve all your Salesforce workflows with Laserfocus.

No Credit Card needed.

The right task at the right time

Home page with tasks overview
Stack cards

Your processes made simple with stacks

Don’t get overloaded with too much information. Laserfocus creates clear-to-follow workflows, so your team stays focused on what’s important now. We call them stacks.

  • Create and share ad-hoc stacks within your team to work on
  • Set automated stacks for recurring events
  • Get everyone up to speed without micro managing
Pipeline table

Make your process intuitive

No need for long training and longer ramp-up time in Salesforce. Laserfocus ensures everyone knows to work on with tasks and custom stacks.

  • Create actionable tasks in second for every deal
  • Create stacks according to different roles and processes in your team
  • See live progress on everything the team is working on

Powerful like reports, simple as spreadsheets

Table page with all my leads
Bulk editing in table

See fields you need and update them in one go

Creating a view in Laserfocus doesn’t require the help of admins or complex reports. Just add any field from any object and edit as you like.

  • Quickly search for fields
  • Powerful filter logic like in Salesforce
  • Display Cross object in one view
Search leads in table

Unbelievably fast

Forget the load and reload of your views to reflect the latest changes. Every update in Laserfocus is instant and synced directly to Salesforce. And Vice-Versa.

  • Interactions below 100ms - it’s that fast
  • Filter for keywords in a split-second with quick search
  • Toggle field visibility on/off while keeping filters active
Marbles running through loop

Try Laserfocus without hassle

Start using Laserfocus within 30 seconds. Securely log in via Salesforce. No admin needed.

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All object infos in one page

Person details page with activity feed
Activity stream

See the past, plan the future

See all interactions with your customers in a clear timeline. Don’t miss out on email conversations, call history, or meeting notes and get the best overview.

  • Emails, calendar, tasks, notes are easily accessible
  • Pin important messages and notes to cut out the noise
  • Create tasks, notes and reminders instantly
editing in field group

Cluster fields, even from different objects

90% of your fields are irrelevant to your daily work. Combine the relevant ones for you into field groups. It even works with fields from different objects!

  • Create own field groups and share them
  • Cluster the fields according to your process and sales stages
  • Personalize your own workflow with your own field groups

Frequently asked questions

Laserfocus helps you become more productive by offering you all the tools you need to close deals with confidence.

Streamline your sales process now

Don’t let complex processes and tools slow you down.

No Credit Card needed.
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