The 3 things that Salesforce needs to improve for Salespeople

Sat, Oct 16, 2021
2 minutes use Salesforce like it’s 2021.

Guess what? It’s 2021, and people are still using Salesforce.

Because you know: If it’s not in Salesforce it doesn’t exist. 🥱

But we were still wondering why so many people still complain about it, so we talked with hundreds of Salesforce users and found out that they all have the same problems:

1. Messy interface (it’s 2021 not 1999)

Salesforce was built for the enterprises that didn’t know better. It’s an amazing database but not really what you call intuitive. You wouldn’t endure such an interface for your personal apps, right?

Salesforce proposing close date in 1900
Close dates in 1900, anyone?

2. Hello, have you seen the field I’m looking for?

Everyone puts new fields into Salesforce until you end up with the unedited version of War and Peace. Wouldn’t it be really nice to see only what you want to see and cut all the noise?

John Travolta looking for a field in Salesforce
Where can I find the Quarter Pounder field?

3. How many Clicks does it takes?

Click, Click, Click, Click, etc. So many unnecessary steps involved to do one small thing. Almost like carpal tunnel syndrome doctors have a secret pact with SF.

Hand clicking the mouse
Legend has that some people are still clicking to log an activity.


Well, this is the bluntest blog post ever to say that our software Laserfocus would solve the mentioned problems.

We can’t even be more obvious besides having Marc B. saying:

“You should try Laserfocus, when you want to step up your Salesforce game!”

Marc Binioff giving thumbs up
“You should try Laserfocus, when you want to step up your Salesforce game!” - Marc B.