Laserfocus Principles

We believe that Sales is fundamentally about people interacting with each other and software is there to help you becoming the best at that. That means it should be almost invisible so you can concentrate on the person, not the process.

To create software for humans we have these principles for building Laserfocus.

Power to the daily user

The tools for the tasks you do every day should be as sharp as possible. It should be simple to use and make you more powerful over time.

Building healthy habits for mastery

You only achieve mastery if you’ve build up automatisms to make you better so you can concentrate on the task that counts. Bad tools encourage bad habits while good tools encourage good habits.

Workflows instead of workarounds

Workarounds are fiddled together when your tools don't do what you need it to do. But they waste time and energy because their purpose was never to assist your workflow. We believe that Sales does have an ideal workflow and we're building for that.

Focused and clear

Happiness with your work comes from getting into the state of flow. You achieve that when concentrated and distractions are removed and the objective is clear to accomplish.

Delightful and beautiful

We are spending a big part of our life at work, so the tools that we are using should make us happy, not frustrate us. It should give you a positive feeling and accompany in your daily mission to achieve your goals.