Laserfocus SECURITY

We protect your data

We ensure that your data is always safe and secure by following the highest security standards of our providers.
This enables us to build fantastic software with the security infrastructure of the most secure companies:
Salesforce and Amazon.

Secure access

Secure Access via Salesforce

You sign in with Salesforce (SSO).
We trust Salesforce to keep your account safe secure.

Safe customer data

We don't store your customer data

Your complete customer data stays with you.
We are an interface on top of Salesforce, so there is no need to save your Salesforce data on our side.
The data you see is loaded from Salesforce onto your local machine.

Settings cog

Your Salesforce settings untouched

You control access to fields and records defined by your own Salesforce permissions.
We don't modify, add or change anything to your settings.

Encryption at rest

Encryption at rest

All Laserfocus specific data (read: data that is not in your Salesforce) is encrypted at rest.


Encryption in transit

Network data and all communication is encrypted using TLS/SSL.

Secure cloud

AWS infrastructure security

Our Infrastructure is running on Amazon Web Services which is securing the servers as well as the network.
Our application is using the least-privilege principle to interact with other services.

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